Gossip talk in an appeal against a decision in the Famke Louise case | Displays

Gossip talk in an appeal against a decision in the Famke Louise case |  Displays

Jean Ross and Denis Scottin, the two men behind Gossip Channel, will appeal the ruling in the Famke Louise suit. The singer demanded that her YouTube channel be suspended because Rose and Scottin performed a song that had not been released. They also noted that she says she was abused by her former manager Ali B.

Wednesday last week The judge in Amsterdam agreed with Famke Louise Because Roos and Schouten are guilty of “copyright infringement and illegal act” by sharing the song. Presenters on an episode of Gossip Talk today say they will resume because they say they have photos on their hands from 2020 in which Famke Louise sang the song at an audience party.

According to the men, the video shows that they did not violate the copyright because she sang it to people. The singer said that the song was private and that she recorded it for herself after her split from her manager. Ross says in the episode, I lied many times. “We will win,” Schouten says.


The judge ruled that the duo should take the number offline and post a correction. That’s what Ross and Scotten did. They did not say whether the bidders hoped to reverse this through the appeal.

The gossip lecturers also had to pay a lawyer’s fee of 27,000 euros. Immediately after the sentencing, Roos and Schouten set up a crowdfunding campaign for that amount. However, fans continued to deposit money and the counter exceeded 35,000 euros. Guys put that extra money in War chest for the next causeRoss previously told the ANP.

Famke’s attorney Louise was not immediately available for comment tonight.

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