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Google Stadia is getting a feature that allows users to use their smartphone as a controller. This reports 9to5Google, who posted a hands-on on the feature. Phone Link will be available for Chromecast Ultra, Google TV, and Android TV.

Users who have a Chromecast Ultra, Chromecast with Google TV, or a supported Android TV device can enable Phone Link via the Stadia app on their smartphone, writes 9to5Google. Users can connect their smartphone to their device via the console menu of this app, and use it as a console. Stadia players can see all the necessary buttons on their smartphone screen, including digital thumb sticks, directional pads and “shoulder buttons”.

The Phone Link feature not only allows users to use the smartphone itself as a controller; Stadia players can also connect consoles that are not officially supported by the service through the feature. Most consoles Already supported In the web version of Google Stadia, but not yet working on TVs via Google TV or Android TV.

The process for this is not complicated, according to 9to5Google; Users can connect their console to their smartphone via, among other things. Wired controllers are also supported, for example via a USB-A to USB-C adapter. Users can connect their console to a Chromecast, Google TV, or Android TV via the Stadia app, just as they do with their smartphone. Users must leave the Stadia app open on their smartphone while using the console.

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