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Google has released Android 13 beta 1 for owners of newer Google Pixel devices. It’s common for Google to release the first public beta of the new version of its operating system at a developer I/O event, but now it’s pulling the trigger sooner.

Notable new feature of Android 13 is that users can give more precise permissions to apps. For example, there is no longer a permission variable for storage space; Which is now divided into images, video and audio. This ensures that the Gallery app, for example, can’t access audio files, which is also not necessary for it to work, but was possible with storage permission for Android 12 and earlier.

For developers, Google has the best Report bugs introduced. The system needs to provide more details when the app crashes to try and prevent developers from leaving them empty-handed. Also for developers there Proactive voice guidancewhich helps media applications ensure that audio plays correctly on the intended output device.

There was already one developer look Than Android 13 is available, but this new version is more targeted towards the end user, and therefore it is also within the Android system over the air for download. People in the developer preview will also receive this update. Wiping all the data on your phone is also not necessary to participate in the beta, and this is only required if you want to go back to Android 12.

The beta version is available to owners of Pixel 4 and later, including the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. Officially, the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL will come with security updates and version upgrades at least through May, but these devices are still excluded from this beta release.

Android connoisseur and former XDA editor Mishaal Rahman has Comprehensive overview Made with everything new in Android 13 so far. Google is expected to reveal more noteworthy features of Android 13 during I/O 2022, on May 11-12. The company estimates that there are a program More It will be from June then expect the third beta. Android 13 is not expected to be released until after July this year.

Android 13 development timeline according to Google

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