Google Play Russia users can no longer download and update paid applications – tablets and phones – news

“100% of the population of Ukraine does not want to be bombed.”
Those people in the East didn’t do either, but this had been going on for 7 years.
And those guys in Syria and Yemen apparently aren’t so bad because we’re also providing the weapons needed for what made those wars possible.
Moreover, wherever there is a government/leadership that is highly protectionist with regard to their economy, the West funds all kinds of opposition movements like Xinjiang, Myanmar, Thailand and Balochistan (Pakistan) to the maximum. As a result, violence escalates further or is crushed over Xinjiang.

Russia is another country that, in the eyes of Western capitalists, is not open enough. It is impossible to influence from the inside. That is why they (US/EU) are trying to weaken Russia in other ways in the hope that it can no longer resist the desired changes. A 2019 RAND study (354 pages) commissioned by the US government illustrates several ideas. The study’s table of contents provides a good overview of the options discussed. A selection of those quoted below. So far, the plan to lure Russia out of the tent has succeeded, suddenly making a number of other options discussed in the study possible. Now you just have to wait to see how everything is done.…00/RR3063/RAND_RR3063.pdf

“Chapter III
economic measures
Modern Russian economic performance
Action One: Troublesome Petroleum Exports
Action 2: Reduce natural gas exports and impede pipeline expansions
Action 3: Impose sanctions
Action 4: Improve Russian brain drain

the fourth chapter
geopolitical measures
Action 1: Provide lethal assistance to Ukraine
Action 2: Increase support for Syrian rebels
Action 3: Promote regime change in Belarus
Action 4: Exploiting Tensions in the South Caucasus
Action 5: Limit Russian Influence in Central Asia
Action 6: Challenge the Russian presence in Moldova

Chapter V
Ideological and informational actions
Pathways to Influence Processes
The current state of the legality of the Russian regime
Russian domestic environment
Policy measures to reduce domestic and foreign support for the Russian regime

Chapter VII
Maritime procedures
Action 1: Increase the presence of the US Navy and its allies
Action 2: Increase marine R&D efforts
Measure 3: Shift of the nuclear attitude towards SSBNs
Action 4: Check the Black Sea Backlog

Chapter 8
Multiple Territories and Fields Measures
Action 1: Increase US and NATO ground forces in Europe
Action 2: Increase NATO exercises in Europe
Action 3: Withdraw from the INF Treaty
Action 4: Invest in new capabilities to deal with Russian risk perceptions

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