Baby has dilapidated ovaries and Nicolette is waiting for gifts in bed | show

Baby has dilapidated ovaries and Nicolette is waiting for gifts in bed |  show

Mother’s Day bytesShort updates from the stars on social media: We love it. In the Showbytes section, program editors search the web for the craziest, most beautiful and eye-catching posts from Dutch celebrities and celebrities. today is Mother’s Day. This article is updated throughout the day.

Nicolette Kluigver I waited hoping for some gifts in bed this morning, to no avail.

May it be Mother’s Day, Helen Van Ruen He thinks you should be nice to everyone. every day.

to Anne Marie Keizer There is nothing unconditional like love for your children.

If it is strictly up to the pregnant woman Baby Bregman She would like to become a mother every year. And that’s because of her daughter’s laughter and the word Najakir. dummy

Mariska Power She considers herself lucky to be the mother of four strong boys.

Jim Bakum Today he praises him Bettina Holwerda, Who kept that simple.

who – which Claudia de Brij We know humor is important, but luckily she also finds it in her mom.

Important message from Dave Roelvink Today: “The first great love of your life is your mother, don’t forget that.”

Birgit Schurmann Today is full of gifts, but the best “gift” is that her name was intentionally misspelled.

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