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Google may be planning to integrate its Imagen-AI tool, which can convert text into images, into the Gboard keyboard. 9to5Google discovered this in the app apk. However, the development of the function does not seem to be very advanced.

9to5Google found references to “Imagen Keyboard” in the code of the latest beta version of the Gboard keyboard app. that it By location The intention is for this functionality to appear under “Shortcuts,” which also includes one-handed functions, translation, and text editing. It is not yet clear what the functionality will look like and how exactly it will work. Since the integration is still in an early stage of development, according to 9to5Google, it will likely be some time before it’s released.

Imagen was unveiled last May. According to the company, the images generated by the tool are more realistic than similar DALL-E 2 creations. I will too The tti generator handles it much betterspatial relationshipsAnd long texts and rare words and difficult tasks. No public version of Imagen has been released yet. Google reported Late last year, the photo widget would become, in abstract form, part of the AI ‚Äč‚ÄčTest Kitchen apps.

The Shortcuts screen where Imagen is running According to 9to5Google It must come between them
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