Google launches auto-archive feature for rarely used apps

Google is adding a feature to Android that automatically archives your least used Android apps. This can temporarily free up storage space. Users can restore archived applications by clicking on the application icon.

Source: Google

Google has started launching AutoArchive, which automatically archives rarely used apps to take up less storage space. That’s a savings of “nearly 60 percent,” so Product manager reports from Google Play.

Compatible apps remain on the device and can be easily restored to the latest compatible version, preserving user data. The archiving function only works with applications published with Android application package format. The app icon remains available on users’ phones after archiving. A cloud can be seen on this icon after archiving. When users click on the icon, the app is fully restored again.

Users have to manually enable the feature. When a user tries to install a new app, but the device is running out of storage space, a popup appears asking if the user wants to archive the apps.

Google announced the arrival of archiving functionality for Android apps last year. There were also previous images of the new functionality running, which appears to be part of Play Services.

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