Google is ending Android-like Auto Driving Mode in Google Assistant – Tablets and Phones – News

this or this For example, pairing it with your cheap Amazon Fire tablet ($75 or cheaper, or even cheaper to use) can be very helpful, even though getting Android Auto to work was a project in itself. You have to buy a GPS unit because tablets usually don’t have one, but that doesn’t cost more than a dozen or two.

project like this Also connect to the ODB2 port so you can read stats/error codes directly on your tablet. As a hobbyist, you can do a lot of fun things with that, but I don’t know of any app that collects everything so well.

You have a lot of mysterious user interfaces that look like the BMW you designed fifteen years ago. The Google version is actually pretty clean, with just a few big buttons and quick access to navigation, music, phone, and nothing more (this video Four years ago gives an idea of ​​what it looked like). Other things that other apps can’t do, for example, make the buttons and notifications of other supported apps bigger, or make the navigation buttons grow a little bit bigger. The whole thing worked out a little better than hacking apps together and automating yourself.

Safety is important in cars and so I’d like to think twice about tablet mounts that suspend the tablet in the air (you don’t want to be decapitated by a piece of glass or plastic if you get in an accident) but if you have it strap the thing well and put it in place It is already in the car (eg in the car radio slots) and ensures that the program can always run without searching (“OK Google” and friends) then it should not cause any problems.

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