Google has officially launched the Android feature to lock incognito windows

Google officially launches the feature of locking incognito windows in Chrome with fingerprint or facial recognition. This feature has been in testing by the company since September and is already available on iOS.

become the job According to Google It is now being released in phases and can be enabled via the privacy and security settings. Enabling this feature requires users to log in using fingerprint or facial recognition to reopen the previously opened incognito window after exiting the app.

Users can also enter a PIN to open an incognito window. Occupation Since September To be used in the application, provided that users have a Flag Enabled. With the official release of this feature, users no longer need to use this tag.

Google continues to provide Security Scan with personalized recommendations. Safety Check now warns the user if dangerous extensions or leaked passwords are used. Through personalized recommendations, the company can also warn users that, for example, a small number of sites have recently sent too many notifications.

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