Amalia’s first working visit: leaves for the Caribbean despite threats | Royal family

Amalia's first working visit: leaves for the Caribbean despite threats |  Royal family

Ontvang meldingen big nieuws over het Nederlandse koningshuis

For this reason and because it is Amalia’s first big trip, this working visit has garnered a lot of press attention. also travels along: From Monday 6 February we will report from Sint Maarten and will follow Oranjes (literally) closely. We do this through text, video, and across NUjij and our social media channels.

Speaking with the accompanying press, Van Hoeffelen said equality became a major theme during the trip. Many residents note that there is little knowledge in the Netherlands about the Caribbean part of the kingdom, when in fact it is the other way around. And when carrots are written about, they are often articles with a negative connotation. Such as the economic blow to Sint Maarten after Hurricane Irma in 2017.

By also highlighting the positive points such as the thriving culture during the trip, the Netherlands also gets a lot out of this. The islands hope people will discover an Aruban singer or artist from Saba or a designer. Or people are inspired by the beautiful nature and book an island vacation.

Het reisschema van de Oranjes

  • Vrijdag 27 januari: aankomst op Bonaire
  • Maandag 30 januari: naar Aruba
  • Donderdag 2 februari: Curaçao
  • Zaterdag 4 en zondag 5 februari: twee dagen vrij
  • Maandag 6 februari: Sint-Maarten
  • Woensdag 8 februari: Sint Eustatius
  • Donderdag 9 februari: Saba
  • Vrijdag 10 februari: weer naar huis

Afspelen knop

Amalia and her parents talk to the people on all the islands. For example, lunches and dinners are planned and they talk to young people about topics such as nature conservation. The rich culture of the Caribbean is not to be missed: Orangemen visit Aruba’s Bon Benny Music Festival. And in Curaçao, Carnival is now being celebrated, from which they also benefit. So there’s a good chance we’ll see the dance-hungry Maxima at the festivities.

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More serious subjects also have a place in the programme. During the visit to St. Martin, several activities are planned that relate to the past of slavery. For example, the group will visit Landhuis Knip in Curaçao. The slave revolt of 1795 began here. There is also a great deal of interest in the reconstruction of the island after Hurricane Irma.

The big question is whether Willem-Alexander says anything about past slavery excuses during these visits. Several members of the Cabinet had already done so in December, but the hope is that the King will herself does too. In his New Year’s address, Willem-Alexander said he remained committed to “outreach, reconciliation and progress” across the kingdom.

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