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It looks like Google is rolling out new health features to the iOS version of Google Fit. The app will be given options to measure users’ breathing and heart rate via the cameras. These features are already available for some Android phones.

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Add to iOS App 9to5Google. This medium appeared via “Cards” in the home screen of the Google Fit app for iOS, which announces options for measuring heart rate and respiratory rate via the device’s cameras. The website saw these options on the iPhone 7 and iPad Pro. Google itself has not yet confirmed that the options are available for iOS, however. Not even in the supporting documents. Tweakers have not yet found the same functionality in the iOS version. So it might be a gradual rollout.

Google introduced functions to measure heart rate and breathing using smartphone cameras Earlier this year for Android. The breathing function uses a smartphone’s selfie camera to measure chest movements, among other things. Heart rate measurements require the user to hold a finger against the rear camera. The app uses “slight color differences” on the finger to determine your heart rate. Google confirmed in its announcement that the measurements are not intended for medical diagnosis. Instead, according to the company, it is intended for people who want to monitor and improve their daily well-being. The features were first available for Google’s Pixel phones and should be available for other Android devices as well.

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