Google expands Google Play games testing program for PC in eight countries

Google has expanded its open beta program for the Google Play Games app to eight countries, including the United States. The app allows users to play Android games from the Play Store on PC. The Netherlands and Belgium are not among them at the moment.

Thanks to the expansion, the pilot is now also running in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. Earlier this year, Google already began testing the app in Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Australia. google Factory Ultimate global version.

there According to technology website The Verge Currently 85 games to play through the PC application. According to Google, the catalog of supported games will continue to be updated. These games will be controlled by mouse and keyboard and the game progress will be synced between the different devices on which the same Google account is set up. If users make in-app purchases, they will be taken to gaming sessions on different devices. Google Play Games also supports Google Play Points.

Through Google Play Games, Android games will be played locally on Windows. So there is no flow. To run the application, your PC must be running at least Windows 10 with an integrated video card and a processor with at least four cores. Such a system should also according to google It also has an SSD and 8GB of RAM.

Google Play Games for PC
Google Play Games for PC

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