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Mail can be migrated to services like Microsoft 365 (or Exchange Online if you only want mail and calendar) or Zoho Mail. Microsoft’s advantage is that you only pay users, and if you as a user have multiple addresses you can set it up as a shared mailbox (log in with your main account, this is only possible in Outlook (desktop, mobile app or web version) you don’t have to pay for it (for such a joint mail).

It includes Microsoft 365 OneDrive (1 TB), you have to transfer files manually. This can also carry over to alternatives like Dropbox.

You can transfer YouTube accounts to another Google Account. For example, an @ account or a Google account with your email address (consumer version without email).

Also note that you can also sign in with Google in many places. Make sure that you can sign in in another way (eg with a password and 2FA) or a Microsoft account, so you are not blocked from entering.

Edit: Google has the option to migrate a personal account with [email protected] to Google Workspace when using for Google Workspace and creating a user who already has a personal account. Customer service assured me that the opposite is not possible, so you will have to follow the story above and you will still miss a few things.

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