2022 Hardware – From Intel GPUs to iPhone 14

2022 Hardware - From Intel GPUs to iPhone 14

While in recent days we’ve been looking mainly at the last year, we’ve kicked off the new year with a hardware preview of 2022. What’s on the roadmaps of all major CPU and CPU manufacturers, and what do we actually know about the smartphones, TVs, and monitors we’ll see in the new year? From gaming graphics cards from Intel to the iPhone 14, this is the device you can look forward to.

The shortage may have dominated 2021 more than the Corona outbreak in 2020. The domestic stocks that were left during 2020 already ran out last year. Bulky products in particular have been affected by the rising costs of shipping by container, while the ever-increasing demand for chips has had a growing impact outside of electronics. Your patience is no longer tested only when buying a new console or video card, but also when you are in the market for a new car.

2022 should be the year when supply and demand will finally balance out. Among other things SamsungAnd AMD in a Qualcomm They expressed their expectation that the situation would return to normal in the second half of the new year. CEOs nvidia in a Intel Corporation They are more pessimistic. Jensen Huang believes that demand will remain “much greater” than supply throughout the year. Pat Gelsinger sees the situation improving slightly, but does not expect a full equilibrium until 2023.

Fortunately, display issues aren’t stopping different manufacturers from innovating, as evidenced by all the plans for the 2022 devices. We’ll remove them for each category on the following pages.

HMM Algeciras, one of the world’s largest container ships, was before leaving Yantian port, China, for Rotterdam. Photo: Instagram

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