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Stadia is probably the best streaming platform ever. Better than xCloud and better than GeforceNOW. However, there were some pitfalls that make it difficult to continue with the current method because it is all about the content.

1: Google wants everything completely in-house and provides unusable developer tools that simply make converting games relatively time-consuming and expensive. There is absolutely no connection to existing libraries like Steam or whatever, so the end user also has to buy everything separately as if it was a console.

2: The promised hardware performance has not been delivered. From day one, 4K has to be compromised and because Google uses its own custom elements, it’s hard to optimize for the best results. The result: modern games at low/medium settings and 30fps. Too bad, since the server approach should in theory be very scalable.

3: No HW upgrades have been made yet. Where you can play with GeforceNOW at level 3080 without compromise, Stadia remains in a kind of Xbox One era.

If Stadia is serious about getting involved, it should make very good arrangements with like Steam, major game studios or even manufacturers like Sony and Nintendo. I don’t think they can get in the way, because everyone wants to get the most out of their profit margin. Now you also see that Nvidia has the problem that game studios are giving GeforceNOW opt-outs, while the end user brings in their own game licenses. Nvidia only offers a type of virtual PC. The fact that an ambiguous legal clause can be claimed at all is highly unusable and shows that the market is completely covered at the moment.

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