Google CEO highly criticizes Apple with iMessage – tablets and phones – news

Because SMS and phone calls are completely rubbish.

Yes, I rarely use either. The only SMS that comes is the spam or voicemail notification. I only use the phone when I call the doctor or something. I always call friends on WhatsApp or Signal. The quality is better, it’s completely free, and works seamlessly over 4G or WiFi without having to have a WiFi Voice over LTE “certified” device (or same hassle with Voice over LTE!). With 4G, the industry has made its own way by offering all the elements of adoption. Until the third generation, the sound was just a sound. If I install a custom ROM now, I can’t access anything.

I have 0 text messages in my account and less than 5 calling minutes per month (despite the fact that both are almost unlimited for free, 10,000 or so)

Why is this not possible? Are there really enough RCS clients that also work on PC, just like Signal/Whatsapp. See for example messages from Google

But can you also log into the same account you use on your phone? I want to be able to use all my chats from all terminals without any restrictions. From what I’ve seen from RCS, this is not possible again.

Anyway, Google is not a party I want to have in my communications. Meta/Facebook doesn’t either, but unfortunately you can’t escape WhatsApp at the moment. But replacing one evil with another is not progress. Most carriers do not support E2EE.

It’s not telecom providers that pay RCS, first and foremost. Second, the RCS concerns the data first, and if that is not available, it uses the SMS/MMS protocol. You really read about yourself first before I “go against something”.

It is a GSM Alliance product where the service providers are strongly represented. I know it’s about data, but I don’t want my provider to call. This is until 1999.

I see a lot in the open standard where the industry doesn’t have such a strong finger in the pie. Matrix is ​​preferred. Where I can only run my own servers if needed, or if I don’t use a trusted party for that.

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