Google Adds Flemish Voices to Assistant – Update – Picture and Sound – News

Google has added a Flemish male and female voice to the Assistant. The company says it has worked for years to implement Flemish sounds. Users can also have a chat with well-known Flemish comedian Philip Goebbels.

Flemish sounds became from today Brought to Belgian users. Google Assistant seems to automatically switch to Flemish sounds and users don’t have to do anything for this themselves. Google says adding Flemish voices to make the Assistant’s voice “more fun and familiar” for Belgian users. Google Assistant should now also be able to say words like cravings, orange juice, and french fries.

Starting today, users can also have a virtual chat with Philip Goebbels, with the call “Hey Google, talk to Philip Goebbels”. The assistant will then answer in Geubels’ “typical” voice and well-known humour. It is not clear if this job also works in the Netherlands.

Google only reports that Flemish voices will be used within the Google Assistant. Belgian users previously noted They previously indicated that they can use Flemish voices for a short time or not with Google Assistant. Some users said they can also hear sounds in Maps. Google has not yet reported the use of Flemish audio in maps.

Update, 10:34 am: Many coaches say that Philip Goebbels’ job also works in the Netherlands.

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