Giving money, how do you do it in an original way? | Currently

Giving money, how do you do it in an original way?  |  Currently

Is giving money as a gift socially acceptable now? And if so, how do you overcome circumstance dullness with content?

In 2020, the gifting guide website Yoursurprise investigated the giving behavior of two thousand Dutch. The Great Presents survey showed that money is seen as the least popular gift.

Etiquette expert Beatrice Ritsima thinks that’s not possible, and can read about it on her website. “Cash is the property of the market and not a means of exchanging affection. Etiquette is very frank about this: there are no envelopes. The only exception is for parents (grandparents) who want to give their children (grandchildren) an extra amount of money. In this case, the flow goes from strong to lower Strength and nothing wrong with that.

Ritsma also writes: “At regular parties of people who have something to celebrate, people stand against each other on an equal footing, and then do not hand each other money, as if they were paying a taxi driver or a plumber. This is an insult and will always be an insult, no matter how much everyone suffers that this is really possible these days. You can’t, because it’s embarrassing.

However, Ritsima told that she could not deny that this actually happened.

Among both givers and recipients, there are advocates of money as a gift. Susan Diding, co-owner of Idivapric; A website that inspires individuals and companies to make special moments unforgettable, believing that it can be fun to give and receive money. Dedding: “There are many ways to make a money donation festive, from simple to creative excesses.”
Some of her thoughts:

1. The art of origami

Even for those of us with a left hand, there are easy ways to turn boring banknotes into an art object. You can find all kinds of origami lessons on YouTube that will give you an original touch of money in no time. For example, fold a heart, write a card with the word ‘congratulations’ and stick the heart where it says ‘heart.’

2. Sweets and balloons

Most people have a balloon in the tray. Fill it with scraps of paper and bills and blow it up. “The recipient then has to punch it in. This makes the delivery a celebratory moment.”

3. Jackpot

Collect the coins, buy a jar, put it in place and label it “Jackpot”.

4. Personal Money Tree

Dedding: “Buy a small tree in a garden center and hang it full of money with fishing rope. You can exchange the bills for coins so they hang a little.”

5. Code Break

It takes a little more time to prepare, but is so much fun: “Buy a safe with a common lock and put money in it. For each number of the combination lock, a question comes to mind about your relationship. If all the questions are correct, then the birthday girl has cracked the code and can unlock Cabinet “.

Does the gift expert think giving money as gifts is becoming more and more popular? Dedding: “What I particularly notice is an increase in what I call ‘topic giving.’ Not blindly giving x amount, but expressing your desire for what you hope people will do with it. For example: I give you money for a nice lunch at your favorite restaurant or: I will give This is for you so that you can fulfill your dream of touring Friesland using the electronic helicopter. It gives you a great experience. In this way, donating money is personal.”

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