Gipster has been spreading its wings in Europe and the United States

Gipster has been spreading its wings in Europe and the United States

Gipster is looking for new poultry farmers in the Netherlands. Also, talks are underway in various European countries that the first branch will be opened in the United States.

Gipster director Rudd Zanders says there is definitely room for two poultry farmers in the Netherlands who want to build a Gipster barn. ‘The question was already there, now is the time for us to make deals. The first candidates have already registered. ‘

There are currently Gipster Stalls in Pooningen in the Gilderland and Wenray in Limburg. Gipster aims for regional expansion with new companies. A gipster barn will always have 24,000 chickens covered and with an outdoor run.

United States

The first foreign gipster barns are being built in the US state of Indiana. Four Gipster barns will be built there. Negotiations are underway with poultry farmers in Europe in Belgium, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. We expect to be able to start work in at least two countries by the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, “said Xander.

As in the Netherlands, gipster eggs, broiler meat, and reared one-day-old roosters are used for the local market. Chickens and roosters are fed round shaped food. Eggs are also available in Little, as are the Gipster meatballs. In addition, Albron, De Efteling, Kwalitaria and MHS Host use eggs and meat.

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