Giants judge Joe was worried that Nick Gates’ injury to Washington could end his career

Giants judge Joe was worried that Nick Gates' injury to Washington could end his career
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Things take a very dark turn for Nick Gates and the New York Giants. The veteran streak man was eliminated from the week two competition against the Washington Soccer team with a broken leg, coming down in Game One for the game’s second Giants possession—he was placed in an aerobic mold and immediately taken off the field. Gates was moved to the injured reserve at the end of the season at short notice, but concern about his future availability now extends beyond the remainder of 2021.

According to head coach Joe Judge, the 25-year-old is still in hospital at this time, and the Giants cannot rule out the possibility that it could be a career-end injury.

Judge said via Ralph Facciano: “I’d be lying if I said no.”

There is at least little confidence that Gates will avoid such a terrible outcome, he believes.

“We are confident he will be able to return,” The judge added, before returning to attention. “But yes, it could be a career termination.”

Gates started the season in a position for the giants before moving to the left goalkeeper, and his absence will create the need for a long-range dribble across the attacking line in front of the full-back. Daniel Jones – who was already sacked six times during his first two games in 2021. Gates, the unrefined free agent who signed with the Giants in 2018, started in just three games as in the second year before being given the full role last season, she will start in all games 16th regular season.

He has spent his entire rookie season in the injured reserve and will now spend the remainder of his fourth year there as well, now battling to return for the fifth NFL season and beyond.

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