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Ghostwire: Tokyo is coming to Xbox Series X and S on April 12th and will also be available on Xbox Game Pass. On that date, publisher Bethesda also released a free Spider’s Thread update, which adds an extra mode to the game, among other things.

The first-person action game will be released in March 2022 on PlayStation 5 and Windows, but Bethesda announces that the game will be released in April. It’s also coming to Xbox Series consoles. In the game, the player must use elemental attacks to banish ghosts while trying to find out what happened to the citizens of Tokyo and how to free the city from a mysterious figure.

When it’s released in April, the game will get Spider’s Thread mode, the roguelite mode that will be coming out of the 30th training consists. The goal is to complete these stages and reach the end of the game mode. Meanwhile, players can unlock upgrades to help with Spider’s Thread. If they are defeated, they must start over, although they keep some of their upgrades.

Moreover, the update, which is also coming to the PlayStation 5 and Windows version, brings new locations, including a high school. The game also gets a Reduced Horror Effects setting where some of the effects are replaced with stickers. In addition, there will be additional scenes in the story, the player will gain new skills such as Counter-Attack, Quick Dodging and Charge Rush, and the game will have new enemies and an extensive photo mode. Tweakers wrote a review about the PlayStation 5 version of the game.

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