Samsung S90C-QD OLED TV Review – Conclusion

Samsung S90C-QD OLED TV Review - Conclusion

The S90C is the direct successor to last year’s S95B and is similar to this TV in almost every way. Those expecting major improvements should (probably) wait for the soon to be released S95C. This new higher model promises higher brightness and will have access to an external One Connect Box.

You can tell the S90C compared to the S95B by the slightly different footprint and darker finish of the screen edge. The Tizen Smart TV system is basically unchanged except for a few tweaks to the settings menu, though Samsung provides the new 2022 models with a built-in SmartThings hub that allows the TV to act as a central point in the smart home.

In terms of picture and sound quality, the S90C offers little added value over the S95B. The sound system is identical as far as we can see and hear, and the picture reproduction is almost identical to the S95B, save for a few minor tweaks. And that’s perfectly fine in our opinion, because the S95B was, and still is, an excellent TV.

Shortly after its introduction, the new S90C is already cheaper than its predecessor at the same time last year, and so basically the S90C seems to be the model Samsung wants to compete on price with its rival LG. The 55″ version we tested is currently on sale from around €1,850, which means that the TV is of course still much more expensive than the S95B, which you can still buy, and can be found from around €1,250. In terms of price-quality ratio, the S95B is of course a better deal, But the S95B is not expected to be available for a long time and the S90C will undoubtedly continue to drop in price.As long as the S95B is still available, it is difficult to buy a new S90C because the recommended price varies.But this story applies every year, because discontinued models are always cheaper than New TVs as they come out.With that knowledge in mind, Samsung simply crafted an excellent performing OLED TV that instantly positioned itself on a very price-savvy market.We don’t think the S90C deserves our Ultimate award in 2023, but our excellent rating more than deserves .

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