Gert Verholst finds long farewell to Samson ‘pathetic’ | show

Gert Verholst finds long farewell to Samson 'pathetic' |  show

Gert Verhulst thinks it’s time to say goodbye as owner Samson, but because of Corona, the final ending is constantly being pushed. “It got a little pathetic,” the presenter and head of Studio 100 said on NPO 1: WNL on Sunday.

Despite the setbacks caused by the coronavirus, Verholst remains elated. “I am a pragmatic person,” he said on the programme. “You have to take things as they come. You must not waste your time sleeping on the things you cannot change, nor try to change them.”

Verhulst has now been trying to bid farewell to Samson for nearly two years. The first farewell party took place on December 21, 2019. There are now 45 more shows scheduled, all of which have been postponed twice already.

“So I can’t say goodbye. I laughed Verholst.” People think I don’t want to stop having this dog, but that’s definitely not the case. Since then, my daughter has taken over and wants me to disappear. But there are still 45 shows planned that people will have tickets to that are also incredibly fun. I really want to do that. I also want to get rid of that dog at some point, of course.”

Verhulst already announced in April 2019 that he will be quitting with Samson & Gert after thirty years. During the premiere of the Farewell Show, it was announced that his daughter Marie would be taking over the TV shows and series about Samson.

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