March 26, 2023

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German village fires rubber bullets at wolves: they are approaching our homes |  abroad

German village fires rubber bullets at wolves: they are approaching our homes | abroad

This says Johannes Hempen, Vice Mayor of Wippingen.

The 1,000 residents of that village had been worried for some time about the wolves staying nearby and showing themselves near their homes. The fact that the sports grounds are located in a forest, through which children have to ride bicycles, added to the fears.

3500 signatures

This summer, the unrest temporarily came to a head when a cow in Wippingen was bitten to death, most likely by a wolf. The residents then submitted 3,500 signatures to Landkreis Emsland, the regional government, and demanded measures against the wolves. A meeting was also held in the village where a number of politicians spoke on the subject.

camera photos

The Landkreis family responded to the disturbance and took action: cameras were placed in and near the village to show the animals’ movements. “It has become very clear that wolves, they are a pack, are already regularly approaching our homes,” Hempin says. “I have a farm myself and have seen it many times. Based on these camera images, it is now decided that rubber bullets can be used. Hopefully this helps because the concerns are still great.”

Rubber bullets will be fired by volunteers when the wolves approach buildings, aiming to drive the animals away. German law does not allow shooting wolves.

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