Gerard Golling and Rod de Wilde are still at odds with each other: “Too childish!”

Gerard Golling and Rod de Wilde are still at odds with each other: "Too childish!"

The feud begins because of Gere’s indoors today He points out that the radio DJ is on his reality series Rod and Olkay Looks “not fresh”. This remark goes completely wrong with Rod and he decides to call out Gerard on his radio show for “liar” and “slang”, among other things.

To clear the air, Gerard decided to put his pride aside and invite Rod. It seems all is well and ends well, until the conversation can be heard in the documentary by Rod and Radio DJ Gear about anything and everything. He also couldn’t accept that the singer acted this way when it was on his birthday.

According to the singer, the conversation didn’t go that way and was cut and pasted. Gerrard replies to the clip: “Now it looks like I’ve been saying sorry six times.” Show 538 PM. “At one point he said, ‘Sand about it, I’m taking it.’ But it wasn’t on the podcast, nor on the show. Very childish! But yeah, let it go.”

Gerard doesn’t have to worry that the feud will continue into the series’ second season, because there won’t be one. This is what the main characters said in the last episode. Olcay herself questions the series. “I expected it to be intense, but I didn’t expect the talk shows and tables to be filled with people who would like it,” she says of the final episode.

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