Georgina Verban looks back on her early career: ‘Wild Time’

Georgina Verban looks back on her early career: 'Wild Time'

Georgina reveals it in Behind the perfect pictureRTL Boulevard series that leaked from The perfect picture Looking back at the adventure of a lifetime. “We’re still in touch,” she says, before quickly adding: “Too little, and it’s often my fault.”

The actress describes the beginning of her career as an “intense time”. Georgina explains, “It was weird and weird to be famous.” She hardly remembers much of that period. She can say one thing for sure: “It was a good time. (…) It was intense too, we were very young and in Salou … I think we can be found every night in those bars and discotheques.”

to The perfect picture The actress was once not in front of the camera, but behind her. About her recent photoshoot, for which she went to the kitchen for a culinary photoshoot, Georgina says, “I was sort of walking around like a fly on the wall—it was very clean by the way—to take pictures.” And that’s not exactly her specialty: taking pictures between people. Georgina explained in the video that the site was very crowded and she found it difficult to get to people’s “space”. “I’d rather be a little invisible.”

Her photography skills are definitely not invisible. Despite disappointing numbers this week, Georgina managed to make it into the last three. She certainly wasn’t expecting it, but she was hoping. “Before the show started, I thought: I hope to go to the finale. Once the program started, I was like: Oh my God, I hope I can last for one episode at all! You want to continue every time.”

The perfect picture See you every Wednesday at 8.30pm on RTL 4. Every Thursday the loser tells his or her story Behind the perfect picture. Juffat and Westendorp, who pulled out last week, also took part in Behind the perfect picture his story. Watch all episodes here.

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