GeForce Now Available in Beta on Edge, Allowing Xbox to Stream PC Games – Games – News

Nvidia has made its GeForce Now service available in the beta version of the Microsoft Edge browser. This makes it possible to stream PC games from, for example, Steam via subscription with the Internet browser on the Xbox console.

More than 1,000 PC games available through the GeForce Now service can now be played in beta on the Edge browser by select users, Melt the edge. Tom Warren, author of the article, Say I successfully tested the option on Xbox through the Edge browser. It should work on both Xbox Series X and S as well as older Xbox One models.

By connecting a mouse and keyboard to the Xbox, games that don’t offer console support can also be streamed via the subscription service. According to Warren, streaming games have a lot of latency. Since Xbox is not officially supported by GeForce Now, there are also a number of issues associated with it. For example, two pointers appear on the screen when the mouse is turned on.

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, had previously announced PC games want to submit On Xbox via Cloud Gaming. Until then, GeForce Now is the only way to stream PC games to your Xbox console.

With Parsec web application Was that really possible Stream the user’s PC to the Edge browser on Xbox via the Xbox console. For example, Steam games can already be played “via” the Xbox, even though players are already in control of their PC. It is not known when the ability to play GeForce Now games via the Edge browser will be available to everyone.

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