Chateau viewers are happy to see Claire again: “How big she is!”

Chateau viewers are happy to see Claire again: "How big she is!"

Monday evening’s episode shows how she’s having a special moment for Claire: her first day at school. Mother Maxim is happy that her eldest daughter is going to school. “I also have memories of my first day at school, so she’ll have that too.” Maxim can’t believe how big Claire has become. “Recently, all of a sudden, when I look at it, it’s gotten so big.”

Claire rushes to the school playground when she arrives, but eventually enters, where Maxim says goodbye to her. Later, Maxim received a photo from the teacher showing that Claire draws well.

At the end of the school day, Maxim and Grandma Erica pick up young Claire again, who, to everyone’s surprise, says she “hasn’t had a good time”. Moments later, she corrects herself: “It’s fun!”

my viewers Chateau Melland Especially happy to see little Claire again. Someone writes: “What a sweetheart Claire. Another: “Claire’s getting really big. Oh my gosh!

Chateau Melland It’s been a very popular program for years now. from search by Veronica Superguide The reality show turned out to be one of the most popular TV shows in the Netherlands. However, Meiland is also on the list of the most annoying programs. And Martin? According to the poll, he is the most hated person on TV.

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