Gandino on canceling guest lecture after moon landing row: ‘We’ll always have an opinion’ | Displays

Gandino on canceling guest lecture after moon landing row: 'We'll always have an opinion' |  Displays

Jandino Asporaat will continue to express his opinion “always”. He says this in response to his guest lecture at Arnhem School which was canceled after he was questioned on 9/11 and the moon landing on two podcasts last weekend. If you are crazy mean always speak from your heart. Don’t follow the crowd blindly. So being crazy isn’t crazy after all.”

The comedian discusses the situation in an extended statement. “Right now, all the people are gloating and hoping I’ll fall, and they’re shouting out loud, ‘It’s cancelled!’ “They are exactly the same kind of people who have been calling and hoping for years,” he wrote in his Instagram post. God determines my success and being unpopular with them (His critics, ed.) has nothing to do with success. Honesty is much more important to me.

On Monday, the Arnhem municipality removed the comedian from the list of guest teachers who will teach in Arnhem schools this week as part of De week van het geld. The reason is Asporaat’s statements about the moon landing and the attack on the World Trade Center in New York in 2001. He questions those events. “I’m still waiting for the evidence,” the comedian said a few days ago on The Trueman Show podcast about the moon landings. He also questioned the attacks on the Twin Towers, New York and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. on September 11, 2001. They also said that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. They had pictures. But those (weapons) weren’t there.”

We respect freedom of speech, but we don’t think these kinds of statements set a good example for our children and youth. We don’t think a guest lesson is appropriate this week. Because during Money Week in particular, the information must be reliable and the message clear. This is why the guest lecture has been cancelled,” local council member Marc Lorex answered questions from this site.

Gandino was previously adamantly opposed to Corona’s measures. He stopped his tour when Corona Pass was entered. “Every time I open my mouth, as a comedian, I shouldn’t give in, it goes too far,” he now writes about it in the post. Of course it was said: “Gandino, don’t say anything else they will cancel you”, but how do you keep your mouth shut? Doesn’t anyone even try to treat pain?

Stick to Tim Hoffman

This weekend, Asporaat had a Twitter battle with angrypresenter Tim Hoffmann, whom he blamed for sitting on Jorn Luca’s podcast. Jorn publicly advocates that the WEF has a grand Resest agenda, where Covid will be a power-gathering tool; This has never been proven. It also provides a platform for far-right fake news distributors like Gideon van Meijeren and fellow anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists like David Icke. Why did you just sit with him?

Asporaat replies that “you can never have an open conversation” if you use words as a conspiracy perspective. “I will not let other people’s labels slow me down and neither will I in the future.” He says he has questions about the collapse of the Twin Towers in New York. Around 9/11, everyone took over from each other. But what did you hear me ask…? Not that 9/11 didn’t happen. I don’t think only the plane was used. why you do not ask? How did the buildings fall?

“Celebrity cancellation doesn’t take much.”

Jandino Asporaat can be booked as a spokesperson via Twilight Entertainment. “Everything is put under a magnifying glass these days,” sighs one speaker. It’s a trend we’ve also seen recently. It doesn’t take much to be abolished as a famous Dutch. We don’t think this complaint mentality solves anything.”

It has happened occasionally in Twilight Entertainment that a speaker is no longer allowed to attend due to a different opinion. “We hope it stays that way. We will never tell artists what they can or cannot say.” Bertie Lucassen, who also works with Asporaat, agrees. Gandino is a kind and honest person. There is nothing wrong with that at all. He can say whatever he wants. We live in a free country. What the rest think will be sausage for me.”

Huis van Asporaat, the comedian’s management agency, has been asked to respond to the Arnhem municipality’s decision. It may follow during the day.

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