G.Skill introduces LT1 enclosure for mATX motherboards – Computer – News

But these manufacturers do not make cabinets at all. These are lockers from companies with an unknown name, but still want to sell their stuff. To solve this problem, they visit a well-known computer manufacturer and ask if they can put their name on the box for a bag of money. As a result, the anonymous locker suddenly became a “well-known brand” locker. Because oh woe if the name ‘Chiazang’ was written on that cupboard instead of ‘G.Skill’.

The exact same thing happened with the power supply. Do you really think Corsair and Cooler Master make their own power supplies? Haha, nice joke. Corsair RM power supplies are manufactured by Channel Well Technology (CWT). These are also the exact same power supplies as MSI MPG power supplies. Same box, same associate, same internal PCB. I bet 50€ that I can put the MSI power supply PCB in a pirate’s housing.

Well, people want a power supply named “Corsair” because if it says “CWT” on the power supply, everyone assumes it’s a nonsense power supply, and you’re going to be a “newbie” on r/it’s called PCMR. wall market computer A few years ago it was a great example of that. Everyone in this comment section was screaming that it was a bullshit power supply, but in hindsight, Great Wall makes Corsair CX power supplies.

Of the price of regular power supplies, only Corsair, FSP and SuperFlower can still manufacture their own. The rest are all rebrands from various OEMs.

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