February 4, 2023

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Full circle developer: Skate. Become a free game – Games – News

It has now penetrated everywhere. This company seems to have made its name, but now it Widely applied marketing concept It was promoted by social media. Years ago, I worked on buildings in Amsterdam that housed several startup companies, and at the time I was amazed how often I came across the concept on whiteboards. I think it is particularly important to assess whether this is an artificial rarity.

I attribute this mainly to “market skimming”. I see mechanisms popping up everywhere to be able to attract customers at a higher price point. Due to the low sizes, they are not in such great danger if they bump a little. However, if they sell well and are in demand, prices will go through the roof and the hypetrain will create a lot of good PR.

We here at tweakers probably know this mainly from the GPU dramas over the past couple of years. But I see it everywhere: clothes and shoes (sneakers specifically, which has also become a really weird multi-billion dollar market) are now full”drop cultureComing. In a certain period of time, a limited edition product line is released. Some companies use the news to increase the hype, while others try to establish a connection with exclusive offers for members.

A fairly popular shoe, the Air Jordan 1, if you can find it in the store or win the raffle in the Nike app, costs between 100 and 200 euros. But some of the most desirable models of celebrities rap singer or designers So it only comes out in small drops and then costs easily Thousands of Euros at the flea market (The link is sorted by “last sale”, the large number is the lowest order). Collaboration with big names usually results in a lot, but you can also do well with up-and-coming designers.

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I see it in my other hobbies too: Games Workshop, the company behind Warhammer 40K, has more and more miniatures that Temporarily Available to be.

Wizards of the Coast, known from Magic: The Gathering, have their own Secret Lair series which mainly consists of collaborating with other IPs that sell well. So there are now 2 fortnite Groups on the page for 34-50 eu for 7 tickets (!), But recently there has also been one Hooked on LGBT + Pride Month.

On the other hand, I also now know many who have funded their own collection this way: if you’re already in the community and newsfeeds and know that a popular model can be turned upside down 2-5x, you can easily create your own model purchase as well as earn a potential bonus.

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