Fuel rating threatens Venezuela’s food security: “not necessarily produced”

Venezuela has been facing fuel shortages for months, ending a historic subsidy that made the country the cheapest petrol and diesel in the world (EFE / Rayner Pena R / Archive)

President of the Federation of Livestock Breeders of Venezuela (Fedenaka), Armando Sagan, It warned Fuel shortages threaten food security in Venezuela.

In conversation with Fedecomorus Radio, Confirmed the rule of Nicolas Maduro It does not allocate reservations at service stations similar to the department so what They were forced to go to the black market To guarantee the operation of its agricultural machinery and power generators. What else, He insisted that the price of a liter of diesel would be between $ 1 and $ 3.

“Cheap food in Latin America, cheaper than in Haiti, is in Venezuela. A kilo of live meat here costs $ 1 against $ 2 abroad. That means Our cost structures do not support diesel and petrol prices”, He noted.

I add: “It is worrying that we do not have the authority to clarify that we know what is going on in the field and that the required food is not being produced.”.

At the end of April, key unions in agriculture, manufacturing and Venezuela’s trade sector warned of this. The country’s fuel shortages threaten the new sowing cycle Therefore, Food security of the people.

“In just 15 days, a new sowing cycle will begin, which is the most important of the year, and If this process is not carried out due to fuel shortages, the Venezuelan people will not be able to produce the food they put on their plate.they said Fediacro, Conidestria and Concemercio, in a joint statement.

View of vehicles queuing for fuel in Venezuela (EFE / Miguel Gutiérrez / File)
View of vehicles queuing for fuel in Venezuela (EFE / Miguel Gutiérrez / File)

Our food security is at stake“, They insisted when pointing to that diesel”Move the country“That,”Undoubtedly one of the most important components of the entire production chain”.

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For this reason, they called on the Venezuelan regime to resolve the issue.In a very short time and of course“Diesel shortage, not just mentioned”The state has the capability and the necessary resources to resolve the contingency crisis”.

Venezuelan dictator, Nicola Maduro, Proposed an emergency plan to regulate the supply of diesel to the agribusiness sector within 60 days, and took charge of his oil and agricultural production ministers, Tarek El Isami and Wilmer Castro, respectively.

According to the President, this project, in which No further details are known, Will allow the country to move forward “towards a powerful agrarian economy”.

Venezuela has been facing fuel shortages for months, ending a historic subsidy that made petrol and diesel the cheapest in the world. It also has thousands of drivers lined up in long queues to refuel, especially in the interior.

The Venezuelan regime blames the shortage on oil refining caused by US sanctions against its industry. But the opposition points out that corruption and mismanagement are the real causes of fuel shortages in Venezuela., The country with the world’s largest oil reserves.

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