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Been playing since Elite Dangerous released, then suddenly the Horizons update came along and we all thought this was going to go ahead! It was my favorite game, I was at it every night as a full time person with two kids. Unlock everything and ship engineering. I want it all!

Then it took years to get some “core game” updates like current mining and exploration. Meanwhile, it’s been two years since we got a new ship.
After 3 calculations and 2000 hours the completely unexpected legs of space finally appeared, I gave up on them for a long time. (OMG HYPE!!8!!)
Paid for pre-order with alpha access. Wow can we really test the alpha build ourselves and give an opinion? This will be fine!

Then it starts:
No VR support.
There are no interior designs for ships.
– FPS combat is amazingly weaker.
Don’t run errands with your friends
– Again grind materials for weapon and armor upgrades, otherwise you are a walking target (git gud).
Planets of trailers were not found anywhere, and the familiar beautiful old ones were gone.
– Unbeatable performance, my rig at the time (4670k, 1080ti) could run Horizons at 1440p ultra-fast always + 60 fps, + 140 fps in space. The Odyssey was unplayable (<20fps walk)
– Biggest shame: All of my accounts have been banned from the forum (as are many) for criticizing their approach a bit. (I just want what I paid for what I promised?)
-There is no steam refund, because you played more than 2 hours yes. (Over two hours of alpha testing).

I waited 8 updates and convinced myself they would fix it, then gave up and went to blacksmithing and my hotas in the closet.
It’s almost a year now and I haven’t seen anything good and don’t remember it.

It looks like all the original Cobra Engine developers have already started it in Frontier a long time ago and have to make their plans.

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