From a TikTok joke to millions of streams: Roxy (18) turned four words into a live hit | Displays

From a TikTok joke to millions of streams: Roxy (18) turned four words into a live hit |  Displays

Thousands of likes on TikTok, four million streams on Spotify and a spot in the top 40 tips over five weeks with the song Ann Fleur leave. What started as a funny video on TikTok has become a real hit for 18-year-old Roxy Dekker. This is how I managed it.

Summer in ’23, I think mini skirts are pretty/with bright colors and a clip in my hair / The sun is shining on my head, the sailing boat is wonderful / On vacation, Ibiza, I’m coming. No longer can anyone who is active on TikTok escape the number Ann Fleur leave. It was written by Roxy Dekker, as a kind of nod to all the “Ann Fleurs” in the Netherlands.

Anne Fleur’s typical description has been clear to young people for months, but may need some explanation to the older generation. According to the guys, Anne-Fleurs are girls who look like poop and act a bit like they’re Gooi. They are mainly recognizable by their style of clothing; Short skirts, a jacket tied at the shoulders, ankle boots and a big clip in their hair. Another characteristic of typical girls: They frequently use acronyms, like lawa for hiking and esma for espresso martini.

He hits

Still no idea? Then listening to Dekker’s song once makes everything clear. The 18-year-old singer initially wrote the song as a joke, but with four million streams on Spotify, it can now safely be called a hit — thanks to TikTok.

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Decker has been active on the video platform for a long time, inviting followers to submit a number of lyrics and then making a song with those lyrics. When a year ago a follower asked him to write a song with the words Colours, Sun, Ibiza and Mirror, Decker knew full well: This had to be a song about Ann Flores. She finds the right chords on her piano, sings the song, posts it to TikTok, and in no time the singer racks up tens of thousands of likes and hundreds of requests asking if she wants to release the song.


Was she really going to release the song? She said earlier that Decker had doubted that for a long time Linda. She was afraid that people would not understand that the song’s lyrics were written with a big wink. “I was afraid people wouldn’t see the humor in it.” When more and more people ask where the song is, I decide to send it to a producer anyway. I thought: buoys, I’ll release them now. ”

And successfully. Ann Fleur leave Now in Spotify’s top 50 apps list and it’s impossible to imagine TikTok without it. Obviously we can expect more from Dekker, but those hoping for another hit will have to be disappointed. ,,Ann Fleur leave It’s fun, but in the end I want to be more serious. Anyway, I’m definitely not static and I also want to release more.”

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