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Framework has started mass production of the Framework 13 laptop with AMD Ryzen 7040 CPU. The company confirms this. The manufacturer previously had to postpone production due to “electrical issues” that arose during the validation of the first AMD laptops.

Framework reports in a blog post Mass production of the 13-inch laptop with Ryzen 7040 CPU has now begun. The manufacturer began this week with surface mountMainboard production in Taiwan. Which turns into Final assembly, testing and packingProcess at the same factory The laptops are then transported to the Framework warehouse, after which deliveries begin. The company claims to have doubled its production capacity earlier this year and therefore expects this to be the case Accumulation of pre-orders can be “processed quickly”.

Mass production of the first AMD Ryzen Framework laptops was supposed to begin early, but the manufacturer informed customers early last month that that would have to be delayed until September. Framework said it experienced a number of “electrical issues” while validating its laptops. The firmware was also removed from his device Upstream Suppliers deliver late. The company said it sends bi-monthly updates to customers who purchased the first three batches of AMD laptops; Those orders were “at risk of delay.”

The company points out that there are still a number of “quirks” in its AMD laptops. For example, the WiFi driver for the RZ616 WiFi module used is missing. The guide contains instructions to solve this problem. Moreover, some expansion cards from the company affect the power consumption of laptops. This specifically concerns HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB-A cards.

The manufacturer noticed the same thing with its laptops equipped with 11th and 12th generation Intel Core CPUs, but solved this problem with its latest models with a 13th generation Core processor. The company says it’s working on a new firmware update that should resolve the issue of high power consumption using an HDMI or DisplayPort card. Framework is also exploring Hardware Options for a new USB-A expansion card.

Framework announced the AMD Ryzen version of its laptops in March. The upgradeable laptops can be equipped with a Ryzen 5 7640U with six cores or a Ryzen 7 7840U with eight cores. Both chipsets are based on the Zen 4 architecture.

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