Ex-Chancellor Schroeder gets party, despite pro-Russian stances | outside

Ex-Chancellor Schroeder gets party, despite pro-Russian stances |  outside

The Social Democratic Party wants to put Gerhard Schröder in the spotlight because he was a member of the German Social Democratic Party for sixty years. But the controversial former chancellor is under great pressure because of his pro-Russian stances.

Rarely have there been such long discussions about a party of party leaders in Germany. But in the case of Gerhard Schröder it could not be otherwise. Schroeder is subject to severe criticism within and outside his Social Democratic Party. At the same time, many people remain grateful to the wonderful man who helped struggling Germany get back on track economically at the beginning of this century.

After weeks of disagreement, the German Social Democratic Party has decided to honor the controversial former chancellor for his sixty years as a party member. This is a modest private party. Fifty guests will be welcomed in his home city of Hanover, where he still has an office, on October 27, the weekly reports said. strict.

The chill of the air after a conversation

There is great resistance to the party. The lion’s share of the Social Democratic Party condemns Schroeder’s support for his close friend Putin and Russia in the war with Ukraine. But a personal conversation is said to have taken the chill out of the air. From Berlin, Matthias Mersch, deputy leader of the Social Democratic Party in the Bundestag, will thank Schröder for his services to the party.

Despite constant criticism, Schroeder has a good record in Germany. During his work as chancellor – from 1998 to 2005 – he reformed the German labor market. He reduced the unemployment rate from 5 million. In doing so, both sympathizers and critics acknowledge that he laid the foundation for the successful chancellorship of his successor, Angela Merkel (CDU).

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But Schroeder still angers many Germans. In a controversial interview with strict Last year, he publicly questioned why he had to apologize for his pro-Russian views. Voices calling for his expulsion from the Social Democratic Party rose. In March, a party disputes committee decided that he could remain a member.

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