Four techno festival visitors have died after walking on the tracks near Barcelona

Four techno festival visitors have died after walking on the tracks near Barcelona

The four dead were three men and a woman, all in their early twenties. They were walking on the track with three others. The mayor of the municipality of Montmelo, Pere Rodriguez, where this happened, said in front of television cameras that the young people were on their way to the Tecno d’Oro festival, which was held at the Barcelona Formula 1 circuit, which is located in the municipality of Montmelo.

The other three contestants were checked at the hospital, but according to the mayor, they were sent home because their injuries weren’t too bad. A fourth person was taken to hospital. He was not a fan of the festival. It was not announced whether it was an emergency worker or a passenger on the train.

The collision between the train and the group on the track occurred about half an hour after sunset and occurred after a bend in the track where the group was traveling at the time. Spanish railway company Renfe says there are two reasons why the driver saw the group only at the last minute and thus hit them at full speed.

‘deadly tragedy’

The president of the autonomous region of Catalonia said on Twitter that he was “absolutely horrified.” He speaks of a “deadly tragedy that takes our breath away.”

The Techno Doro festival, which the group of seven were on their way to, will continue until early Monday morning. Mayor Pere Rodriguez said at the beginning of the night that he would have liked to stop the festival after the tragedy that occurred on the railway, but he allowed the party to continue based on the advice of experts.

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The mayor’s advisers fear the chaos could become uncontrollable if more than 15,000 visitors to the Douro are sent home unexpectedly.

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