Four deals more UFC points

Four deals more UFC points

In the first night competition, Victor Martinez (13-4) He scored a thrilling decision win Jacob Rosales (13-7) in a 15-minute slugfest.

Martinez sprinted forward quickly at the start, pumping a punch and adding the right hand behind her. Rosales tried to change levels at first, but the movement remained constant. While Rosales was the tallest fighter, Martinez blasted in and out of range with well-timed attacks. Rosales responded with a successful removal, then slid back, but Martinez was able to maneuver up and away to reset in the middle.

As the tour continued, both men continued to trade in close quarters. Both fighters had success with their hits, and Rosales seemed to gain a bit of momentum as he began to be the first to pull the trigger. In the final seconds of the frame, Rosales’ right hand sent his opponent to the board, even though Martinez was back to his feet at the bell.

Rosales started fast in the second, fired powerful punches and fired a high kick as well. Martinez returned to a jab, which found the mark over and over, and begged his corner to add more to the combos. Rosales made a short takedown, but Martinez is quickly back on his feet and looking to continue punching.

Angle Martinez pleaded with him to walk at a steady pace while the fighters continued to trade in the pocket. Martinez snapped his legs slightly, and the two exchanged punches that looked like they were going to get someone out of the cold. Rosales looked for takedown again, but Martinez was up to the challenge, and kept hitting combos until the bell.

Energy levels seemed high on both sides entering the final frame. Martinez was the one to walk forward, but Martinez was always there to respond, as well as to defend the occasional takedown attempt. The two of them continued to strike punches that recorded direct contact over and over again. Rosales never stopped moving forward, and kept hurting him, even as he walked through punches to do so.

Martinez countered a late finish attempt with a successful attempt on his own, and finished the fight on top, by hitting the bell away. In the end, Martinez got the decision to win 29-28 on all three cards.

calendar: Victor Martinez defeated. Jacob Rosales by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Pictures: Dana White Competition Series 40: The Best Pictures From Las Vegas
records: Jacob Rosales (13-7), Victor Martinez (13-4)
Department: Lightweight
Broadcasting: ESPN +
Rule: Mike Beltran

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