Former San Salvador Mayor Dr. Jose Antonio Morales Earlich dies

Dr. Jose Antonio Morales Earlich was Minister of Agriculture and Livestock and Vice President of Salvador in the Central American Parliament.

Sources close to the family confirmed that Dr. Jose Antonio Morales Earlich died of natural causes at the age of 86 last Saturday night, June 26th.

Dr. Morales Earlich was the mayor of San Salvador for two terms between 1974 and 1976, and his second term was between 1985 and 1987. In addition, in 1979 he was vice chairman of the governing body. He was also the Minister of Agriculture from 1987 to 1988.

In addition, he served as a consultant to the Municipality of San Jose, Costa Rica (1977) and headed organizations such as the Salvador Institute for Agrarian Transformation (1981-82), and the Corporation of Municipalities of the Republic of El Salvador – COMURES. (1986-87) and the Agricultural Reform Advisory Committee- Kara (1986).

Among his contributions was the creation of pedestrian zones and road signs within his administration in the capital commune.

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He ran for vice president of El Salvador in 1976, however, he was deported to Costa Rica after military intervention. He returned to El Salvador in 1979 and became a member of El Salvador’s Revolutionary Government.

Those who know him describe him as having a broad political career on municipal law, at the forefront of the law and as an official before his time.

Gilberto Conjura Velasquez, a former judge of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (DSE) and a friend of Erlich’s, recalled him as a social democrat who contributed to democracy, despite the limitations within military governments.

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“He was a very talented figure in the municipality, they founded a creature of the municipality with the support of Christian democrats at the Latin American level. At all times, the life of Antonio Morales Ehrlich was actively connected with politics at its historical stage. Can be found in companies, ”said Kanzura Velasquez.

He lamented that the country was losing the political children it had at the time, “the former DSE magistrate said he was controversial and he was a historical figure.

They also highlight him as a fair and just officer who has always been identified with the country’s famous causes.

Details of Dr. Morales Ehrlich’s funeral will be known later by his family.

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