‘Foreign police can’t handle the expected crowds’

'Foreign police can't handle the expected crowds'

Foreign Minister Erik van der Burg (Asylum) is not allowed to simply send asylum seekers to Italy, even if they entered Europe through this country. that The State Council decided this morning.

At the moment, more and more boats carrying migrants are leaving Tunisia for Europe. If the boats do not sink, they mainly reach the Italian island of Lampedusa.

The number of asylum applications per 100,000 inhabitants is lower in Italy than in Germany or the Netherlands. This indicates that many asylum seekers continue their journey, while according to the so-called Dublin Conference, asylum seekers must apply for asylum in the country of arrival.

Thus, sending asylum seekers back to Italy could be a way to reduce the number of asylum seekers in the Netherlands. But the decision of the Council of State regarding a Nigerian asylum-seeker and a man who says he is from Eritrea puts an end to that.

According to the council, the Italian authorities do not provide asylum shelters that guarantee basic needs such as shelter, food and running water. This is against human rights.

It is for this reason, in the opinion of the Council of State, that Van der Burgh and the executive bodies that fall under his administration have to deal with these asylum applications – which Italy must effectively deal with on the basis of the European Dublin Regulation.

In response, Van der Burgh said he had not sent people back to Italy since the end of last year, due to the average Italian level. Achievement ability. ‘II’m in talks with my Italian colleague and the European Commission,’ says SMinister of Foreign Affairs. It is expected that Italy will improve the situation and that the Commission will monitor the situation Dublin rules will be better complied with.

Dylan Van Beekum and Remco Meagher

Also read reporter Rosa van Gool’s analysis of the asylum crisis in Italy.

ANP / EPA – Migrants who have just arrived in Lampedusa.

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