Flu and corona vaccine hit at the same time: Parliament positive on GGD’s ‘double hit’

Flu and corona vaccine hit at the same time: Parliament positive on GGD's 'double hit'

Vulnerable people should still get a flu shot from their GP and be vaccinated against COVID-19 from GGD. This could be done more efficiently in the future, says Ted van Essen, president of the Influenza Foundation, and virologist Jaap Goodsmit. Experts state that the number of vaccinations will increase and costs will decrease due to the double whammy on GGDs.

No additional side effects

“I think one shot reinforces the other,” van Essen says. “It is not for nothing that they have already done it this way in other European countries and the United States.” The former GP confirms that the body does not react differently to two injections at once. “That’s fine. There are not many side effects. Also look at the children, who are vaccinated against seven diseases at the same time.”

According to Van Essen, choosing GGD as a permanent injection site makes sense. “GPs have indicated that they are very busy with corona injections. And at GGDs you see things are going well now, they are making big strides. It won’t happen in the short term, but the former GP is hopeful that the next can be staged during a new round of vaccinations each year. : “Take the time now to take these steps.”

In consultation with general practitioners

Most members of the House of Representatives are sympathetic to the idea. That’s what Rep. Juba van den Berg of the CDA says. “I definitely think we should investigate how we can organize this better in the future. In the ideal world it could be done all at once, it would be easier for people.”

Alliance partner D66 agrees. “We are in favor of combining the corona vaccine – where possible – with the flu vaccine,” the party said. Like the CDA, the D66 indicates good consultation with general practitioners. “Engage them at the right time.” Also from PVV there is support for Goudsmit and Van Essen’s proposal. Member of Parliament Fleur Ajima has also wanted the flu vaccine to be given to more people for some time.

The VVD believes it is positive to combine the “different paths of vaccination” in one hand, but questions whether the medical file is not an obstacle. “This data should then be able to communicate securely and correctly with GGD,” says a VVD spokesperson.

Association of General Practitioners in Doubt

The National Association of General Practitioners (LHV) reports that GPs have already sent out calls for a repeat of the coronavirus vaccine for patients who are eligible to get the flu shot this month. In this way, general practitioners are also trying to increase the uptake of repeat shots in GGDs.

LHV has doubts about a complete policy change. The association fears that the plan will backfire. For example, the relatively high uptake of the flu vaccine is largely due to the relationship of trust between a patient and a GP, a spokesperson said. The fear is that if the GGD takes over the GPs, the baby can be flushed with the bathwater.

But there is also no outright rejection. If it turns out that the plan does indeed increase uptake of injections, the LHV also wants to take the proposal seriously.

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