Devrim sews the ear of the team at Expedition Robinson: ‘All Holland will hate you’

Devrim sews the ear of the team at Expedition Robinson: 'All Holland will hate you'

Note: This article contains spoilers about Expedition Robinson.

When he chooses Devrim in the previous episode after defeating fellow captains Chatilla van Grinsven and Rose Bertram for himself instead of the group, he receives the necessary criticism. The know-it-all can’t handle that, because he’s not really comfortable in the group. But hey, he doesn’t need that fish at all. Devrim says in his confession that he still feels very good, perhaps even better than he did on day one. Meanwhile, his team is losing weight.

If he shares this result with the group a little later and says that the rest “handed it badly,” he wouldn’t be thanked for it. He. She BEAT THE HEROES-Face remained in the background for eighteen days, deliberately doing nothing to conserve his energy and progress in the game. “If I didn’t have to put in a lot of physical effort, I wouldn’t. That’s my tactic. Because I know I’m less strong and less fit than most of the other participants,” he explains.

During the upcoming audition, he has no intention of dislodging his leg. “All Holland will hate you,” says Elias Oga when Devrim shares his plan with him. “You will be Gargamel this game (…) You are a male magician.”

The mukro mafiaThe actor sees humor in him, but April Darby thinks otherwise. She addresses him, “I pictured a different person than you.” “You don’t do bad things in camp, that’s exactly how it is. If you’re a snake, you can’t be trusted. But if you’re here as a team and people make sure you get wood for you, you can eat… I’ll feel guilty if I don’t do something. You can play a tactical game, but then you can also light a fire and look for twigs.”

April may have lost her frustrations, but Devrim isn’t about to care. “In terms of body and survival, I give it to almost everyone. I have to play it that way too.”

Despite his nefarious plan – or because of his nefarious plan, Devrim gets the most votes during the island council and has to leave the game. “I stuck to my own tactics,” he said as he said goodbye. “I can really appreciate that.”

Expedition Robinson Watching every Monday at 8.30pm on RTL 4. Did you miss an episode full of intrigue, heavy testing, and the counting of rice grains? You can take a look at Videoland.

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