Florida State Troupe pays homage to Bobby Bowden

Florida State Troupe pays homage to Bobby Bowden

through the middle of the road our lady And FloridaSeason Opening Overtime Thriller, the Seminoles honored legendary coach Bobby Bowden, who recently passed away at the age of 91.

After a frantic first half in Tallahassee, the Florida State rally squad made their way onto the field at Doak Campbell Stadium and paid tribute to the Seminoles coach who passed away last month.


The marching band is aligned to articulate “Bobby” across the Seminoles main field, extending roughly from the end zone to the end zone. From there, the band played an impeccable version of “Amazing Grace” to delight the busy home.

Bowden is arguably the most famous name in Florida football history. He spent 34 of his 40 years as a collegiate head coach with FSU, racking up 315 wins, the second most ever. While in Tallahassee, Bowden led the Seminoles to national titles in 1993 and 1999.

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As a member of the College Football Hall of Fame, Bowden oversaw one of the most famous courses in college football history. After a mediocre starting season in which the Seminoles suffered more losses than their victories, Bowden has led the FSU to the unthinkable. Thirty-three winning campaigns in a row.

Before Sunday night’s game, Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly Boden praised“I think he’s one of those icons in coaching because he has that fatherly and mentoring relationship with his players that many coaches love with their players.”


The Seminole Football Team honors Bowden by prominently displaying his signature on the back of each player’s helmet throughout the season.

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