First US Navy ship in Taiwan Strait since Pelosi’s visit

First US Navy ship in Taiwan Strait since Pelosi's visit


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Two US Navy ships are crossing the Taiwan Strait today. This is the first US Navy deployment in the strait since US Speaker Pelosi visited Taiwan earlier this month.

Pelosi’s visit was strongly condemned by China, which considers Taiwan a rebel province and wants to block the establishment of diplomatic relations with the island. The Chinese military has conducted large-scale exercises, particularly in the Taiwan Strait.

According to the US Navy, the movement of USS Antietam and USS Chancellorsville through the 160-kilometer-wide strait between China and Taiwan is a routine operation. The ships do not enter the territorial waters of any surrounding countries and the movement is subject to international law, the Navy’s Seventh Fleet writes. A statement.

Free and open sea

The exact reason for the relocation of naval vessels is not clear. The Navy only conveys that maritime transport is an expression of America’s commitment to a free and open Indian and Pacific Ocean. Prior to Pelosi’s visit on August 2 and 3, U.S. warships were already routinely sailing through the Taiwan Strait.

The Chinese military has responded by saying that it is monitoring the movement of US naval vessels and will intervene in any provocation.

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