January 31, 2023

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First black woman to be sworn in as Chief Justice of the United States |  The throw

First black woman to be sworn in as Chief Justice of the United States | The throw

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For the first time, a black woman has been sworn in as the Chief Justice of the United States. Ketanji Brown Jackson sworn in as US Supreme Court Justice.

Brown Jackson was sworn in at the Washington Courthouse. Brown Jackson, 51, is the 116th chief justice, but the sixth woman and third black person to hold the position. He is considered a liberal, but was appointed to replace liberal Stephen Breyer on the Supreme Court. As a result, the ratio remains the same: six conservative justices against three progressive justices.

The Supreme Court has taken several important decisions in the past few days. For example, the federal right to abortion in the United States has been overturned, people are allowed to carry guns in public and the court has limited President Joe Biden’s powers to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

Brown served on the Jackson Court of Appeals, a body below the Supreme Court. Previously, she was a lawyer for those who could not afford a lawyer. Brown Jackson’s appointment was confirmed by the US Congress in April after Breyer announced his resignation in January.

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