Fierce Battle for Last US Senate Seat | Abroad

Fierce Battle for Last US Senate Seat |  Abroad

With videoThe battle for power in the US Senate couldn’t be more exciting. While Republicans look set to hold a majority in the US House of Representatives, it’s a different story for the Senate. It is not yet clear who will be elected in the by-elections in the four states.

Republicans must win three of the four states to win the Senate. Polling is going on briskly, but intermediate posts are coming. In Wisconsin, Republican Ron Johnson leads with 50.6 percent compared to Democrat Mandela Barnes’ 49.2 percent. In Nevada, Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto and Republican Adam Laxalt are very close, with Laxalt only 0.1 percentage points in favor.

Democrat Mark Kelly is far ahead in Arizona with 56.3 percent to 41.4 percent over his rival, Blake Masters. Nevertheless, analysts at the US news channel CNN are bullish No word yet on whether Kelly ultimately won. Joe Biden took a big lead in the 2020 presidential election after the first ballots were counted, but in the days that followed, Donald Trump came closer and closer. It ended up being very close, but Biden won the state.

War in Georgia

In Georgia, the two candidates are so close that it is even possible that there is no winner. If neither reaches 50 percent, state rules call for a new ballot on Dec. 6. Democrat Raphael Warnock is slightly ahead of Republican Herschel Walker, but neither has yet reached that goal.

If Republicans win two of the four states and Democrats win the other two, both parties will have 50 seats in the Senate. In that case, Vice President Kamala Harris’ vote was decisive and the Democrats retained the majority.

What does the Senate do?

The Senate and the House of Representatives make up the United States Congress, which is the legislative branch of the federal government of the United States. Like our Senate, the Senate has 100 seats; Two for each US state. These seats are held by senators elected for six-year terms. One-third of the Senate is renewed every two years. This year, when Middle Ages 35 seats will be refilled.
The Senate is now split between Republicans and Democrats (50-50).
The Vice President of the United States – Kamala Harris – presides over the Senate and, if there is an equal number of senators, has a casting vote. However, this does not happen often.
The Senate has a number of important powers, including lawmaking. Under Article 1 of the US Constitution, the President cannot enter into international treaties, with few exceptions, without the consent of the Senate. The Senate must also approve important appointments such as Supreme Court and federal judges, ambassadors and cabinet members.

And the House of Representatives?

The House of Representatives is another chamber of the US Congress, the US Parliament. The House of Representatives is comparable to the House of Representatives and has 435 members. Democrats currently have a majority. Members are elected in by-elections every two years. They are elected through the district system. This means that the country is divided into districts based on population. Almost the same number of people live in each district. The party that gets the majority in a given district wins the seat for that district. If Republicans win a majority in both the Senate and the House of Representatives, President Joe Biden will be a crippled president for the next two years, able to cement his power mainly by vetoing bills that allow him to veto bills. Not even. But even if Democrats lose the House, it will be difficult for Biden to govern anyway. Republicans can overturn the law. But their majority is small, and the possibilities are very limited. Moderate Republicans undoubtedly won’t just vote against.

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