Fantasy RPG Avowed from Fallout: New Vegas creators are coming next year Gaming News

It will be released by Obsidian Entertainment Avowed in 2024. Microsoft announced it during the Xbox Game Show. The action of the fantasy RPG takes place in the game world of Pillars of Eternity. The game will be released for PC and Xbox Series X and S.

Avowed is set in the Living Lands, an infested island in the world of Eora, according to the the trailer which Microsoft showed on Sunday evening. says the developer That this island consists of several parts, each of which has its own ecosystem of flora and fauna.

The video shows, among other things, gameplay footage with combat and monsters players encounter along the way. Obsidian wrote that the first-person combat was a “big focus” of the studio. Players have access to swords, shields, bows, pistols, magic, and more. The game also has many companions. For example, the trailer shows Kai, an ex-soldier joining the player’s party.

Obsidian already announced Avowed in 2020 with a short trailer, though few details about the game have been shared since then. Now the studio has reported that Avowed will be released next year. It is not known exactly when that will happen. According to previous rumors, Obsidian wants to release the game at the end of next year, although the studio did not confirm this on Sunday evening.

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