False survey solves 1976 double murder

False survey solves 1976 double murder

An 84-year-old American was sentenced to life imprisonment for a double murder in 1976. The police obtained the evidence through a hoax to convict him.

For decades, it wasn’t clear who was responsible for the deaths of two Wisconsin fiancés in their twenties. They were robbed and killed during a camping trip, and the woman was also raped by the perpetrator.

New DNA research in 2018 showed that the culprit must come from one specific family. Officers collected DNA material by searching for suspects’ waste or collecting saliva from coffee cups.

However, barely one of the suspects got out and his waste was not collected. Then the officers devised a trick: They asked Raymand Vannieuwenhoven to complete a satisfaction survey on the Okunto County Police. The envelope so had to be closed.


Although his attorney argued that the DNA had been obtained illegally, the judge decided that the evidence could be admissible. Because of the “corrupt and hateful nature” of the killings, he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Vannieuwenhoven maintained his innocence during the trial. According to his daughter, the DNA material that was found was only evidence that he deceived the victim.

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