Experts say we will not see vaccine duty as in the United States

Experts say we will not see vaccine duty as in the United States

If you do not want to be vaccinated in the United States, it can be very difficult in growing areas. For example, all federal officials will be asked to be vaccinated. It’s about millions of people. Deniers should be tested frequently, wear masks and keep distance, Biden announced tonight. In extreme cases, it can lead to dismissal of some officers who work with vulnerable people.

The business community also chooses on the threshold: Google and Facebook want to allow only those who have been vaccinated into the workplace. Netflix makes vaccinations mandatory for all actors and staff in all studios. The number of U.S. universities that require vaccination certification is now 400.

The body is untouchable

Anders and the United StatesDutch employees could not be obligated to vaccinate France and Italy, explains Rachel Rydweld, an employment law researcher at the University of Amsterdam. “This is a violation of Article 11 of our Constitution: the right to infringe the body. In principle, it takes precedence over everything else.”

AVG, public data protection regulation is also important. It doesn’t have to be an answer that applies to everyone. An institutional physician may have known this, but was not allowed to do anything with the information. “

Did not shoot

But exceptions must always be made, Rydveldt says. “That is the beauty of the law and often the hardest thing. For example, you have a legal article about good staff and capitalism. It will always be useful in certain cases. Suppose you work as a health worker in an IC. You do not want to be vaccinated. Then you work in another department at the hospital The argument is that critically ill patients need to be protected. It’s a broader interest that goes beyond personal rights. “

This should not lead to dismissal, which only applies in extreme cases, Ritweld insists. “That health argument does not apply to the factory where employees work in the assembly line. An employer can often take less drastic measures like putting mudcart.”

The FNV, the largest employee organization, says the debate has not yet taken place in the Netherlands. “But our position is clear: the vaccine duty is a violation of a fundamental right, so it should not be imposed by the government and employers,” a spokesman said.

Vaccine readiness is high

This was confirmed by the employers’ organization VNO-NCW. “At the moment, this debate is neither among our members nor against it. Unlike the United States, we in the Netherlands (90 per cent) have a high vaccine preference, and current Dutch law does not allow it.”

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