Failed apple pie and burnt pear: open supermarkets offer a solution

Failed apple pie and burnt pear: open supermarkets offer a solution

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ARNHEM – One in five supermarkets in Gelderland opens on Christmas Day. It worked well for some people.

“Yes, because my pears were burnt,” says a woman in a supermarket in Arnhem. There were no options at Rozendaal and Velp to buy fresh stewed pears. “So we traveled here and now I can go peeling again.”

People still do their last shopping during Christmas

Another customer also had to be rescued, but he wouldn’t start again. “No, my apple pie failed and is now on the roof for the birds. Now I bought a cream pie.”

Another customer is arranging his own Christmas dinner. “It happens when you have time, a little yesterday, a little today and I don’t rule out being here again tomorrow.”

LocalFocus locates the supermarkets that will open their doors this Christmas weekend, in association with Opening They check the websites of thousands of retailers every week and in this way they keep track of their opening hours.

Would you like to know which supermarkets in your area will open this weekend? Use the search tool below!

Nationwide, there is a wide choice to continue shopping on Christmas Day, but in Gelderland there are no fewer than 22 municipalities where all supermarkets are closed on that day. A day later, on Boxing Day, there are only ten municipalities where all supermarkets remain closed. This is particularly the case in the Bible Belt.

See below how many supermarkets will be open in your area this weekend.

26 were opened in Arnhem. Only 1 in Nijmegen

So there are plenty of options in our Sunday county to get some forgotten Christmas shopping. What is particularly striking is the difference between the large cities of Arnhem and Nijmegen. In Arnhem, you can go to 26 places to shop on Saturday, while only one supermarket will be open in Nijmegen.

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